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THE 191 Summer 2011 Petition To Make-Up Points Lost Due To An Absence Student’s Name Samantha Zid Date of Absence 6/9 List the assignments, quizzes, discussions, or activities for which you are seeking an alternate opportunity to earn credit. Activity 7 Reason for absence: I had a really bad headache when I woke up on Thursday morning and took my medicine, but still wasn’t feeling well by class time. Why does the reason for your absence justify your being granted an alternate opportunity to make up lost points? As I have mentioned previously, I had surgery last Saturday and I was too active at the
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Unformatted text preview: beginning of the week, which led me to a trip to the emergency room. The ER doctor told me that I had to take it easy and if I start getting headaches to take it easy for the next couple of hours until it subsides. I had to miss class because of my headache and knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate if I came. Also, since the headaches are warning signs for my other symptoms to start I didn’t want to provoke them. This petition will be reviewed by the instructor and will either be denied, or approved with conditions for completion of an alt...
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