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THE 191 Summer 2011 Activity #7 20 Points Group Members: Samantha Zid Class distinctions have historically been important to a number of plays and events. Discuss the perceive relationship of social class to the current theatre and other forms of entertainment. Even though there isn’t a formal class distinction in theatre today, there are still stereotypes. The opera has remained an upper-class tradition, most people assume that if you are going to the opera you must be upper-class. The opera has kept these traditions alive by making the dress code black tie and charging a lot for tickets. Broadway musical and theatres also have an upper class aura around them, although people assume those who truly enjoy theatre are highly educated. Broadway tickets can be extremely expensive which is why people perceive it to be an upper class pastime. I think that one form of entertainment that serves to all social classes is a concert. The music is played throughout the radio so everyone hears it and the ticket prices are staggered so that be
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Unformatted text preview: people with all kinds of financial means can afford it. Theatres were the focus of artistic, social, and political conflict in the 18 th and 19 th centuries. What do you think could provoke a demonstration or a riot in theatre today? Consider plays, production elements, and management practice. There is much more artistic freedom in the 21 st century, with the 1 st amendment we are basically allowed to say anything without repercussions. This has lead to the lax in culture to what people say. In this day and age most people believe that anyone has a right to believe in what they want and say what they want. If Broadway came out with a play on the positives of the Taliban I’m sure there would be problems and it might provoke a riot. Everyone is so accustomed to freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression that it would take a lot to get riots going. Art can be expressed in so many ways that its hard to provoke a group to go so far as to start a riot....
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