Week 4 - Opera Commedia dell’arte 3 basic tenets of...

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The Greek Theater 15:31 Greeks were not the first to do theater Built their theaters into a hillside Orchestra was the empty middle portion Parodos: where people can exit and enter Koilon: area for seating, divided into the lower and upper sections Performed for a God Sang dithyrambs for the Gods Thespians: another word for actor Major differences in Roman theater Not built on a hillside Theater is completely enclosed Medieval theater Banned by Constantine – real sex on stage Wagons would travel through cities and performed different parts of passion of the  Christ
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Neoclassicism 15:31 A systematic approach to playwriting based on interpretations of classical Greek and  Roman models of plays and theory The Italian Renaissance (1500-1700) Perspective painting of scenery Early changeable scenery The Proscenium Arch (picture frame) Standardized artificial lighting
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Unformatted text preview: Opera Commedia dell’arte 3 basic tenets of neoclassicism reality reality=verisimilitude=staged events could occur in real life morality universality commedia dell’arte improvised comedy by the mid 1500’s has spread to other countries improvisational methods acrobatic downing farcical plots attractive lovers masked and unmasked characters main young female role was unmasked Elizabethan England Public theaters, commoners were encouraged to come Christopher Marlow Faustus : about a guy who sells his soul to the devil Was killed in a bar when he was 29 William Shakespeare Ben Jonson 1603 Queen Elizabeth dies and James I comes to the throne playwrights offer plays filled with terror and malcontent, similar to modern horror movies period officially ends in 1643 under Puritan control 15:31...
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Week 4 - Opera Commedia dell’arte 3 basic tenets of...

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