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11-1 class prep - radar. There is a 3-4% rate of...

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Samantha Zid MGT 405, Dr. Schwartz October 31, 2011 Class Prep Assignment Knight/Excalibur Mock Bargaining BUYER Opening position: $300 Target: $450 Maximum: $600 Integrative Bargaining: I am able to use this type of strategy because Knight is the bigger company and we have the government contract. There is no reason that we shouldn’t be able to come to an agreement that satisfies both companies. Excalibur is interested in working with the government and we are the company that can get their foot in the door and get Excalibur’s name on the government’s
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Unformatted text preview: radar. There is a 3-4% rate of dysfunction among the pistons so I will bargain for 100 extra pistons with no exchange and for them to deduct the 5% rush. If they drop the rush fee and sell the extra pistons to Knight at a good price then we will mention their name in the government contract. We also already have another company who can sell us the pistons for $470, while this isn’t ideal it is nice to have something to leverage against Excalibur....
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