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Employment Relationships 17:43 Goals of employment relationships Efficiency **some people say this is the only goal Equity Voice: letting workers have input on production Governing the workplace 100’s of decisions are to be made number of people pay grade FLSA Ways to make decisions Free market Owner -> hires HR manager HR manager Workers Government Collective bargaining (union + management) Management + workers **people think this would be best, but most of the time it ends up  being only managers
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Introduction to labor relations 17:43 Unionization rate: 12% The worse off the employee-management relationship is, the more likely workers are to  unionize **most managers are for the HRM school of thought Unions… don’t increase job satisfaction provide major decrease in job turnover reduce profitability and wage distribution increase benefits more than wages must have cause to terminate an employee provide voice and negotiation on decisions
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Exam 1 notes - EmploymentRelationships17:43...

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