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Hotel Contract - fluctuations of business are beyond the...

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3.5 - Union Buttons - All employees will not be permitted to wear their official Union button and/or official steward button, while in official uniform during paid work hours. 8.15 - Discontinuance of Business - If it is necessary to temporarily close down for remodeling or permanently close any part of the Hotel or change ownership of the Hotel the Employer will give affected employees a minimum of two (2) weeks notice unless the cause of the discontinuance of the business is beyond the control or knowledge of the Employer. In the event of a change in ownership of the Hotel this contract will remain in effect. If the Employer fails to give affected employees the two (2) weeks notice, and no suitable alternative employment is provided, these employees shall receive at least one (1) week pay and up to two (2) weeks pay in lieu of the required notice, to be pro-rated by the period of notice actually given. The Parties acknowledge that unexpected
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Unformatted text preview: fluctuations of business are beyond the control of the Employer in the application of this section. 8.16 - Rest Breaks - The Hotel shall to provide ten (10) minute paid breaks in accordance with current practices for every four (4) hours the employee has worked. However, an employee who does not take a break may not leave before the end of his/her shift for that reason. 16.1 - Room Cleaning - No housekeeping employee shall be required to clean more than twenty (20) rooms per an 8-hour shift. Should a housekeeping employee be required to clean more than twenty (20) rooms per an 8-hour shift they shall be paid time and a half (1/2) from their current base pay. 16.2 - Assistance - A housekeeping employee may request assistance when the nature of the work to be performed is quite difficult or hard to perform up to management’s discretion....
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