Mock Bargaining Deliverable

Mock Bargaining Deliverable - Issues 1. 3.5: Union Buttons;...

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Unformatted text preview: Issues 1. 3.5: Union Buttons; (Management Issue) For this area of the contract we are seeking that buttons not be permitted or be worn during any work shift. This is not part of official Zinnia uniform and thus is not permitted to be worn. This issue was selected as a bargaining chip. If the Union is unwilling to concede on any of their issues then we will offer a standard button size (See Appendix 1) of 1- inches in hopes that they will concede on a different issue. This is the smallest button size available, therefore the least noticed and distracting to guests. The union representatives will want to permit their members to wear their current union buttons as to not endure additional costs. The contract language is unclear on the appropriate size of buttons therefore we assume the representatives will want the largest button size available for promotion. 2. 8.15: Discontinuance of Business; (Management and Union Issue) this is non- negotiable. If for some reason (unforeseen or other) the Zinnia were to close, change ownership in any way we do not want the hotel to be held financially responsible. With decreasing profits in the past couple of years the Zinnia (See Appendix 4) would like to ensure the best possible outcome for its investors, owners, and employees if anything were to happen and cause the hotel to close. There are further details we dont want to discuss due to private conversations between management and owner of Zinnia (owners email to management). Union Representatives will not want to agree to these terms because they will have to rally votes to force the new owners to negotiate (starting the union process over from start). Management will try to appeal to Union representatives by stating this is an opportunity to increase their demands upon recognition. A higher base wage, maternity leave, etc. This is a fresh start for the employees and the union. (See Appendix 2) Cost Analysis : If The Zinnia closes down for remodeling or there is a change in ownership (Appendix 8) and 2 weeks notice is given to employees than there would be no financial cost to the hotel. If however, there is a failure to give a two- weeks notice then employees may be given 1-2 weeks pay. The above chart identifies each job position and the cost per 1 and 2 weeks pay. This is assuming that each employee works a 5-day week and 8 hour shifts. The numbers in the final two columns then need to be multiplied by the number of hires in each position. Job Title Existing Wage Hours per Day Work Days per Week 1 Week of Pay 2 Weeks of Pay Banquet Set-up 9.83 8 5 393.11 786.23 Door Attendant 7.25 8 5 290.00 580.00 Bell Captain 8.35 8 5 334.00 668.00 Bellstand 7.25 8 5 290.00 580.00 Service Bartender 13.35 8 5 533.96 1067.91 Bartender 11.83 8 5 473.34 946.68 Bar Assistant 9.18 8 5 367.26 734.53 Cocktail Waitperson 7.25 8 5 290.00 580.00 2 Skilled Cook 14.14 8 5 565.60 1131.21 Cook 13.57 8 5 542.87 1085.74 Baker 13.50 8 5 540.20 1080.39 Utility Cook 10.2810....
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Mock Bargaining Deliverable - Issues 1. 3.5: Union Buttons;...

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