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pleasantville nursing home v nlrb

pleasantville nursing home v nlrb - Samantha Zid MGT 405...

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Samantha Zid MGT 405 PLEASANTVIEW NURSING HOME v. NLRB 351 F.3d 747 (6 th Cir. 2003) SIGNIFICANT FACTS In 1984, the Union was certified as the collective bargaining representative for Pleasantview Nursing Home In 1996, the Union and Pleasantview began negotiations for a new CBA Due to a labor shortage, Pleasantville increased the starting hourly wage for new employees and those that were recently hired The Union accused Pleasantview of several unfair labor practices and when Pleasantview declared an impasse the Union began organizing a strike The employer reached out the employees and informed them that if they don’t wish to participate in the strike that they could avoid fines by withdrawing from the Union The strike collapsed after one shift when a large majority of employees crossed the picket line, causing Pleasantview to declare that the company was no longer unionized due to lack of participation and the CBA contract finished ISSUE
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