AdultFocused Assignment 1

AdultFocused Assignment 1 - Samantha Zid PSY 231, Dr....

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Samantha Zid PSY 231, Dr. Spangler Adult Focused Assignment 1 Who will I be 50 years? It’s hard to say exactly whom I will be in 10 years, its impossible to know who I will be in 50 years. Biologically, I will be more prone to illnesses; my immune systems and bones will be weaker. Psychologically, it might be hard for me to remember people I just meet, but I will treasure the relationships that I have made over my life. Hopefully, my sociocultural status will be one that I am surrounded with family and I will have the means to provide for my family. My dad always said to my brothers and I, “you three are family and you will be there for each other longer than every other person you meet.” Growing up my parents put a high emphasis on family values, we were constantly surrounded by our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. That emphasis on family will cause me to value family as a top priority for the rest of my life. When I am 70 years old I hope that the majority of my days are spent around my grandchildren. I can imagine myself relocating
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AdultFocused Assignment 1 - Samantha Zid PSY 231, Dr....

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