HW Assignment 3

HW Assignment 3 - Children with ADHD: Whats the best...

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Children with ADHD: What’s the best treatment? Over the past 20 years Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has become a major discussion among parents and professionals centered on childhood development. ADHD is primarily characterized by both the existence of attention problems and hyperactivity. Each behavior can occur infrequently and symptoms have been known to start before the age of 7. Since symptoms become prevalent in middle childhood, the treatment a child receives for ADHD is up to the discretion of the child’s parent guardian. Treatments have become extremely controversial throughout the years, but research has shown that the influence of both medication and psychological therapy have made the best strides to help. More and more research has shown that psychological therapy can give positive long-term results to children with ADHD. Promising treatments include parent training skills, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral training, and relaxation therapies. Typically psychological therapies alone, without the help of medications, have been
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HW Assignment 3 - Children with ADHD: Whats the best...

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