Assignment 2 - Psy 242 A&B- Abnormal Psychology- Fall...

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Samantha Zid Research Article Assignment 2 (25 pts) Due Tues. Sept. 20 in class, hard copy format This assignment requires you to read the assigned article and answer the questions outlined below in your own words . Please use as much space as you need for your answers. Please type your answers on this form. Article: What does viewing a pro-Anorexia website do? An experimental examination of website exposure and moderating effects Authors: Year: 2007 1. THE MAJOR RESEARCH QUESTIONS OR GOALS OF THE STUDY ARE (2 pt): What are the affective, cognitive, and behavioral consequences of viewing a pro-anorexia website? Are there possible moderators in relation between viewing the websites and harmful consequences 2. THE HYPOTHESES ARE (2 point): Viewing pro-anorexia websites, but neither of the comparison websites, would produce negative outcomes 3. THE INDEPENDENT VARIABLE(S) IS/ARE (1 pt): The pro-anorexia webiste 4. THE DEPENDENT VARIABLE(S) IS/ARE (1 pt): How the participants felt about their body image 5. THE METHODS (participants, apparatus, procedure) USED WERE (2 pt): The study included 235 female undergraduates with a mean age of 18.37 years in a psychology course who randomly signed up for the study Participants completed a set of questionnaires, then viewed a website for 25 minutes, 84 females viewed a prototypes of a pro-anorexia website, 76 viewed a website focused on female image, and 75 viewed a neutral website Those who viewed the pro-anorexia website received an extensive debriefing and were
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Assignment 2 - Psy 242 A&B- Abnormal Psychology- Fall...

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