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Research Article Assignment 3 (50 pts) Due in class Thurs. Oct. 20, hard copy Name: Samantha Zid This assignment requires you to find an empirical journal article (no meta-analyses or review articles will be accepted) and then read and summarize the article in your own words . Please use as much space as you need for your answers. Please type your answers on this form. Please follow these steps: 1. Identify an empirical journal article on a topic relevant to abnormal psychology (10 points). Depression: Prevalence and Risk Factors of Maternal Depression During the First Three Years of Child Rearing 2. In your own words, write a paragraph summarizing the key points of the study. Include a properly APA formatted citation of the article within the summary . You do NOT need to include every element addressed in the article. Instead, focus on the most important points (40 points). Depression is one of the most commonly identified physiological illnesses in the world and
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