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Journal Entries - Samantha Zid PSY 242, Dr. Petterson...

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Samantha Zid PSY 242, Dr. Petterson 11/29/11 JOURNAL ENTRIES Tuesday, September 20 th – Anxiety Disorders After going over anxiety disorders today I thought a lot about how they are portrayed in the media. I think that the disorder isn’t taken seriously enough in the media and that there isn’t an accurate representation. It seems that a lot of college students deal with anxiety disorders, but these are never covered in TV shows or movies. Recently, more news articles have come out on the topic. Most college students believe that what they are feeling concerning anxiety are normal and its important that they know it is a real disorder. The people in the media who are portrayed with anxiety disorders seem to be the extremely neurotic kids that no one can really identify with. The media needs to start providing a more accurate portrayal of anxiety disorders in college aged students. Tuesday, September 27 th Somatoform and dissociative disorders is lesser common known disorders today. I didn’t realize that hypochondria could be taken to such extremes and it seems that most people don’t take these disorders seriously. The only information I had heard about somatoform are my friends calling themselves hypochondriacs jokingly. They don’t realize that people are actually suffering from this disease and that sometimes the symptoms can actually appear. If people were more educated on the disorders I doubt that so many cases would go unnoticed. If we can fix this problem then doctors wont be spending as much time and resources on these people who don’t have actual physical problems. Thursday, September 29 th – Mood Disorder
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Learning about mood disorders in class today is significant to me because I am close with someone who suffers from being bipolar. She has a very hard time with it, but having a strong support group is key to her living a healthy life. She is one of the lucky ones, because not everyone can afford the medication and professional help to deal with these symptoms. Before my friend came out and told me about her disorder I really had
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Journal Entries - Samantha Zid PSY 242, Dr. Petterson...

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