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PSY 242 Syllabus - Abnormal Psychology Psy 242 Section B...

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Abnormal Psychology Psy 242- Section B Fall 2011 TR 4:10-5:25 pm- Psyc 131 Instructor: Kristina M. Peterson, Ph.D. Graduate Assistant: Hideaki Imai Office: 119 Psychology Building Office: 217 Psychology Building Phone: (513) 529-2483 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] by appointment Description This course provides an in-depth survey of major psychological disorders including their symptoms, etiologies (causes), and treatment. Although course is primarily focused on adult mental disorders we will spend a brief period of time discussing disorders primarily diagnosed in childhood. As well, the course covers research methods, assessment, and legal and ethical issues pertaining to mental disorders. For psychology majors, this course fulfills the requirement for a course from the “Individual” category of classes as well as part of the “Psychopathology” topic sequence (along with Psy 343 and Psy 345). For non-majors this course is part of the Psy 1 Perspectives on Psychopathology thematic sequence. Goals and Learning Objectives The primary goal of this course is to introduce you to the study of abnormal psychology. You will define key terms associated with the study of mental disorders and identify the descriptions, prevalence, etiologies, and treatments for mental disorders. As well, you will gain knowledge of research methods in abnormal psychology and learn to summarize and evaluate empirical scientific studies. Finally, you will apply your knowledge of abnormal psychology to reflect on your own biases and assumptions about mental disorders and to analyze real-world case examples as well as legal and ethical issues in abnormal psychology. Miami Plan Objective Specific Learning Outcome Method of Evaluation Thinking Critically Correctly identify and differentiate the symptoms, prevalence, etiology and treatment of major mental disorders Exams Define key terms used to understand mental disorders Exams Apply knowledge of research methods to summarize and critique the strengths and weaknesses of an empirical article Research article assignments Understandin Match historic and current paradigms of Exams 1 of 7 | P s y 2 4 2
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g Contexts understanding abnormal psychology with explanations of abnormal behavior and its treatment Recognize key individual differences associated with specific mental disorders including culture, age, and gender Class discussion, exams Engaging with Other Learners Reexamine ideas and exchange conflicting viewpoints on current debates in psychology Class discussion, exam Exchange knowledge, resources, and creative ideas with other students Group pamphlet project Reflecting and Acting Reflect on personal understanding and biases about mental disorders Reflection essays Use knowledge of psychology journals and search engines to find an empirical research article from the psychology literature Research article assignment Identify appropriate applications to assess,
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PSY 242 Syllabus - Abnormal Psychology Psy 242 Section B...

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