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Julie Kluck MGMT 490 01.18.12 ASSIGNMENT ONE: McDonald’s Case. Customers: All people – adults, children, teenagers; and more recently, coffee connoisseurs. Products and/or Services: Fast-food menus such as, hamburgers, french fries, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, salads, pop, breakfast items, lattes, mochas, etc. Markets: Technology: Yes, McDonald’s keeps current with technology as they are continually trying to improve and respond to customer changes. Yes, even though the world is in an economic downturn McDonald’s is still committed to surging ahead with their plans on introducing the McCafe’s in trying to lure coffee enthusiasts away from other coffee store competitors. McDonald’s is also committed to surging ahead with breaking into the international markets with both their restaurants and McCafe’s; even though, they incurred a massive currency translation loss in 2009!
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