Toucon Response Paper (MKTG 368W)

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Unformatted text preview: Name: _________________ Toucon Collections Incorporated Marketing Case Analysis Mr. Rangard, based on the information you provided about Toucon Collections Incorporated it is my expert advice that I strongly recommend that Toucon Collections Incorporated does not accept the contract proposed by the mass merchandise department store chain. The focal points that determined this marketing analysis for Toucon Collections Incorporated was determined by the company’s very strong, established reputation of authentic artifacts and the future market for replication artifacts. Toucon Collections Incorporated is one of the more reputable dealers of authentic artifacts and your company has developed a national reputation of one of the most respected importers of these artifacts. With this being the case and the fact that Toucon Collections Incorporated has limited distributors creates even a stronger brand image of scarcity for Toucon Collections authentic artifacts. The idea of scarcity amongst the stronger brand image of scarcity for Toucon Collections authentic artifacts....
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