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Equations (MKTG 368W) - Break-even Quantity = Total Fixed...

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Equations Trade Margin: Markup % on price = (price-cost)/price Markup % on cost = (price-cost)/cost *Price is what you sell an item for. *Cost is what you buy an item for. *Cost for manufacturers = unit COGS (cost to produce the item) Break-even Analysis or Contribution Analysis: Contribution per unit = price per unit - unit variable cost Contribution margin (%) = price per unit - unit variable cost price per unit Break-even formula (in units):
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Unformatted text preview: Break-even Quantity = Total Fixed Costs Contribution per unit Break-even formula (in dollars): Break-even $ sales = Total Fixed Costs Contribution margin (%) Target Profit Formula: Quantity = TFC + Target Profit Contribution per unit Market Share Formula: Market Share % = Company Sales Relevant Industry Sales Total Profit Equation: Total Profit = Total Revenue - Total Costs OR Total Profit = P x Q - TFC - (UVC x Q)...
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