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Kraft Foods Case Outline (MKTG 368W)

Kraft Foods Case Outline (MKTG 368W) - Name Kraft Foods The...

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Name: _________________ Kraft Foods: The Coffee Pod Launch Case Analysis Outline I. Background a. Organization’s Business Definition Kraft Foods’ mission is to achieve leadership in the markets it serves (beverages, convenience meals, cheese, grocery, and snacks), which it pursues by fostering innovation, achieving high product quality, and keeping a close eye on profit margins. b. Organization’s Long-Term Goals/Objectives - Expand their share of the Canadian coffee market w/launching a coffee pod while generating a satisfactory return on the company’s marketing investment. - Build superior brand value for consumers by delivering greater product benefits at the right price, compared to the competition. - Enhance product demand among consumers by building relationships w/trade partners. - Constantly adjust the product portfolio to align w/consumer trends, especially in fast- growing channels and demographic groups. - Expand global scale by increasing business internationally, especially in the world’s fastest-growing developing countries. - Build a learner cost structure through better use of assets to generate savings for reinvestment in brand building. c. Industry Analysis c.i. Analysis of Competitors - Senseo coffee pods in the European market (a Dutch-American firm). Upon purchase of machine the customer is sent a free bag of coffee pods and $2 off their next pod purchase. Expected to launch in Canada in early 2005. Coffee pods cam in packages of 18 for $4.99. - One-to-one (a Germany firm) is already available across Canada and comes w/a six- flavor Javapod sampler. They use a 9.7 gram Javapod, so it cannot be used universally. The pods are sold in packages of 16 for $4.99. - Home Café coffee pods come w/a free bag of Folgers coffee pods. Is to be introduced into Canada in September 2004 through Wal-Mart. The pods are sold in packages of 16 for $4.99.
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