Kraft Foods Response Paper (MKTG 368W)

Kraft Foods Response Paper (MKTG 368W) - Name: _ Kraft...

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Name: ______________________ Kraft Foods Canada Marketing Case Analysis Mr. Herzog, based on the information you provided about Kraft Foods and Kraft Foods Canada it is my expert advice that I strongly recommend that Kraft Foods Canada does launch the coffee pods simultaneously with the United States’ launch of the coffee pods. The focal points that determined this marketing analysis for Kraft Foods Canada was determined by the company’s very strong and promising marketing mix of your coffee pod products to be offered, your pricing strategy for the coffee pods, Kraft Food Canada’s distribution strategy and your communication strategy. Kraft Food Canada’s two coffee lines of Maxwell House and Nabob provide a wide variety of possible coffee pods to be produced. Kraft Foods Canada needs to focus their communication strategy on these coffee pods that will be launched so their consumers know that they can purchase Maxwell House and Nabob’s high-quality coffee to use with any brand of single-serve coffee pod machine (SSP). Focus group research showed that SSP machine owners valued the flexibility of using different coffee pod brands in their brewers. According to my expert analyses the most pertinent Maxwell House coffee products that need to be produced into coffee pods to start the launch are: the Original Roast, the Rich Dark Roast, and the decaffeinated line. For Nabob’s coffee products, the most pertinent products that need to be produced are: the Full City Dark, the Summit 100% Colombian, the Summit Decaffeinated, the Golden Java Sumatra, and the Carnival Brazil line. Coffee drinkers look for coffees that are full of peak flavor and aroma. When I analyzed the prospected coffee pod industry in Canada it showed that the total number of coffee pods used per week for the year of 2004 would be 5.25 million. This number will grow to 9.187 million in 2005 and 14 million in 2006. Kraft Foods Canada must price their coffee pods in the same manner as Kraft Foods United States,
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Kraft Foods Response Paper (MKTG 368W) - Name: _ Kraft...

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