South Delaware Coors Case Outline (MKTG 368W)

South Delaware Coors Case Outline (MKTG 368W) - Name: _...

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Name: _________________ South Delaware Coors, Inc. Case Analysis Outline I. Background a. Organization’s Business Definition Coors operating philosophy is summed up as “hard work, saving money, devotion to the quality of the product, caring about the environment, and giving people (beer consumers) something to believe in.” b. Organization’s Long-Term Goals/Objectives - To open and sustain operation of South Delaware Coors Incorporated in south Delaware. - Maintain the high quality and standards that Coors Incorporated demands. c. Industry Analysis c.i. Analysis of Competitors - 6 operating beer wholesalers in the same market area. - Lots of differentiating beer products available: Budweiser, Miller Lite, Miller, Busch, Bud Light, Old Milwaukee, Michelob, etc. - I feel that all the differentiating beer products will have comparable prices. c.ii. Product Life Cycle I think that there are two different life cycles to take into consideration here. The first is the brand life cycle of Coors Incorporated. I think Coors incorporated is in its growth stage because it appears that the company still has a lot of opportunities to reach masses of people within the nation and worldwide. They only have distributorships in Colorado and Virginia. The second life cycle to consider is the product life cycle of beer. I think that beer is in its maturation stage because it has been around for centuries and it’s an average commodity for most people, so the demand will never decrease. Demand will not increase either because as people stop drinking it or become deceased, the younger generations will consume their portion, so it’s a revolving cycle. d.
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South Delaware Coors Case Outline (MKTG 368W) - Name: _...

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