South Delaware Coors Response Paper (MKTG 368W)

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Unformatted text preview: Name: _________________ South Delaware Coors Incorporated Marketing Case Analysis Larry Brownlow, based on the information you provided about opening and operating a Coors distributorship in southern Delaware it is my expert advice that I recommend that South Delaware Coors Incorporated will be a great opportunity for you and profit rendering. The focal points that determined this marketing analysis for South Delaware Coors Incorporated (SDCI) was determined by Coors Incorporateds distinguished reputation, a financial analysis of the break-even quantity coinciding with a consumption analysis of the market area of the two distributing counties in Delaware (Kent and Sussex Counties), a financial analysis of the break-even market share percent for SDCI, and financial analyses on SDCIs expected sales and total profit. Coors Incorporated has a very distinguished and strong brand reputation that is widely known. When suppliers and beer consumers hear of Coors Incorporated they automatically associate it with a company that produces high quality beer. Therefore, South Delaware Coors Incorporated will benefit from their strong brand produces high quality beer....
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