Chapter 10 Assignment (MKTG 470)

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MKTG 470 01.18.12 Chapter 10 Assignment A) The type of scale used for this questionnaire is nominal because it is trying to identify a person’s opinion on a specific subject. The questionnaire is asking for people to mark whether they favor, oppose, or have no opinion on the Fair Tax Proposal; therefore, identifying their personal opinion on the matter. This is a valid scale for the question being asked because it provides the surveyor a concrete answer to their question. B) The type of scale for this questionnaire is ordinal because it is asking the person to rank how favorable they are toward the Fair Tax Proposal. The questionnaire asks for people to mark a box closest to their stance on either being very unfavorable or very favorable on the subject. The questionnaire provides five possible boxes to check between the two sides. This is a valid scale for this question because it allows people to give their ranking of how favorable or unfavorable they are to the Fair Tax Proposal. C) This scale is an interval scale because this questionnaire is not only asking for the person’s agreement on
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