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Georgia Southern University, College of Business BUSA 3131 Business Statistics Quiz 11 Fall 2011 Name: ________________________ 1. True or False: A pair of hypotheses are proposed by the tester or researcher to establish the two possible outcomes of an experiment. ____________________________ 2. If the test results (survey, data analysis) support accepting the null hypothesis, what must be done with the alternative hypothesis? ___________________ 3. Which of the two hypotheses in each pair describes the tester’s concern, expectation, fear or hope? __________________ 4. Because the hypothesis in the answer to Question 3 above reflects the testers’ bias, it is the one that is most suspect (questionable) when research supports accepting it rather than the other hypothesis. Consequently, if further analysis reveals researchers incorrectly accepted this hypothesis, it is called a ________ ___________ error. 5. (3 points) There are three pairs of hypotheses used in constructing research or tests. State each of them below: H 0: ________________________ H 0: _________________________ H 0: _________________________ H A: ________________________ H A: ________________________ H A: __________________________ 6. (2 points) A null hypothesis states H 0 : p = .35 and our first sample supports this H 0 . If we accept this H 0 but later discover in a larger sample that H 0 is ≠ .35 what would statisticians call the mistaken conclusion about the first sample?_________ _______ 7. (2 points) Read the null and alternative hypotheses that appear directly below. Would such a test be a one tailed or two-tailed test? Write your answer on this line: ________ H 0 : μ = o H A : o 8. A director of manufacturing must convince management that his proposed new manufacturing method will reduce costs before approval is granted to implement the new method. Suppose the current method costs $100 per hour. State the appropriate pair of hypotheses the director of manufacturing will use to test the new method. H
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q11 - Georgia Southern University, College of Business BUSA...

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