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Georgia Southern University, College of Business BUSA 3131 Business Statistics Fall 2011 Activity 12 Name: ____________________ Many organizations are interested in comparing means or proportions among multiple samples. For example, educators find it useful to compare mean scores on exams among different classes. Businesses compare financial results among their different profit centers and assess customer opinions geographically and demographically. This activity uses Excel to compare mean test scores from two hypothetical sets of grades from two independent samples of grades from two classes, Class 1 and Class 2. The students' experience, skill and ability are presumed to be the same in both classes. While there is insufficient historical data to calculate a population mean, or a population standard deviation, we can assume that the standard deviation and variance for these two samples are the same because we have no reason to expect one class to perform differently from the other class. Since we are testing for whether there is a statistically meaningful difference between the mean grades for these two classes, the null hypothesis ( H 0 ) states: H 0 : µ 1 = µ 2 The alternative hypothesis states: H A : µ 1 µ 2 Open Georgia View and access the folder containing activities for this class section of BUSA 3131 for which you are registered. You will need to have Excel opened on your computer. Open the file called BUSA 3131 Hypoth Z test 2 samples. You will see grades for Class 1 in column
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activity_12 - Georgia Southern University, College of...

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