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Georgia Southern University, College of Business Administration BUSA 3131 Business Statistics Fall 2011Assignment 10 Name: _______________ We have examined samples of means of variables we are interested in understanding. For example, we have identified the mean weight of contents in a coffee bag, and established hypotheses to test whether the weight of samples is sufficiently different from a desired weight value to warrant recalibrating the bag filling mechanism. It is also possible to perform tests of proportions ( P ) of two variables in a sample. One such proportion of interest might be a comparison of the used space in a computer storage device to the remaining available space. Suppose you know that a particular laptop computer has 500 GB of storage space when it was purchased. The computer has been used to store over 1000 video and audio files for the past several years. At the current time, approximately 75% of the computer’s storage capacity has been assigned to various large files of high definition video. Suppose the specifications for this computer indicate that the speed of processing on the computer will noticeably decline once 80% of the available storage space has been filled. You can design a hypothesis test to determine when additional storage space
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assignment_10 - Georgia Southern University, College of...

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