Actvty 14 v.3 - Georgia Southern University College of...

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Unformatted text preview: Georgia Southern University College of Business Administration BUSA 3131, Business Statistics Fall 2011 Activity 14 v.3 Name: _______________ Suppose you want to know whether the price of a home is statistically dependent on the size of the house in square feet (SF) of living space. The Georgia View file for this course contains a sample set of data for 3000 home sales records which include home sales prices (Column F) and values for variables such as square feet (Column B), subdivision location (Column E), type of construction, e.g. brick or frame (Column C), whether a swimming pool exists (Column D), and some other data. If sale prices are in Column F and square feet are in Column B, it is possible to use Excel to perform the regression calculations to assess whether square feet of a home are significant in predicting the sale price of a home. Complete the missing Excel instructions below: Step 1. Open the Excel spreadsheet with the data required, and in the toolbar click on the _______DATA____ tab. Step 2. Select: ___Data __Analysis_______ from the right side of the Data toolbar. Step 3: Select _________________________ from the data analysis window. Step 4: Excel requires entry of the data range for values of Y first. Review which two variables are being compared for this assignment (sale price and square feet). Which of these variables are the values of y? ___________________________________ Step 5: The Excel worksheet containing this real estate data shows Column labels in the 14 th row. Data values for all variables are displayed in the 15 th through 3014 th rows for each column....
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This note was uploaded on 01/30/2012 for the course BUSA 3131 taught by Professor Watson during the Fall '11 term at Georgia Southern University .

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Actvty 14 v.3 - Georgia Southern University College of...

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