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Georgia Southern University College of Business Administration BUSA 3131, Business Statistics Fall 2011 Assignment 14 v.3 Name: _______________ This assignment should follow Activity 14 v.3. The Georgia View file for this course contains a sample set of data for 3000 home sales records which include home sales prices (Column F) and values for variables such as square feet (Column B), subdivision location (Column E), type of construction, e.g. brick or frame (Column C), and whether a swimming pool exists (Column D). Suppose in addition to using square footage as a determinant of price, you want to see if brick construction and the existence of a swimming pool can be used to predict real estate value. These additional independent variables can easily be included in the simple linear regression equation used by Excel. The only change you would make to the Excel regression instructions is to specify the data cells for all the independent variables you want to include. It is easier if all the values of x that you wish to include are in adjacent rows on the worksheet. The Excel file labeled GSU BUSA 3131 RE data F11 Asnmnt 14 v.3 is contained in the Georgia View folders. It is used for both Activity 14 v.3 and Assignment 14 v.3. That file contains the 3000 real estate records that have been used elsewhere in this course. In that Excel file the B column, which contains square footage and is labeled “SF” in cell B 14. Next to that column are two columns: C and D. The label: “Brick” appears in C14 and “Pool” appears in D14. Data provided in cells C15 through C 3014 are values of “0” or “1” meaning either the house is not brick (0) or it is (1). Similarly in the D column (from D15 to D 3014), values of “0” mean there is no pool and “1” means there is a pool. In this assignment both of these housing features (brick construction and existence of a swimming pool) are identified as adding value to the sale price. Sometimes multiple independent variables (values of
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Asnmnt 14 v.3 - Georgia Southern University College of...

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