TEST 4 - Simple linear regression y=bo +b1x Y is vertical...

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TEST 4: TESTING FOR INDEPENANCE Zero Slope means horizontal line parallel to the x axis Independent pairs with variances of the scores, also the standard deviation will be different X=independent y=dependent Regression y=bo +b1x (y=mx+b) How to structure a hypothesis if you want to test this Ho=Null, equality Ha=less than or equal to, or not equal to Compare 2 thing to see a difference, subtract, where x1-x2=0
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Unformatted text preview: Simple linear regression y=bo +b1x Y is vertical axis and the dependent/ x is horizontal and independent Advertizing vs revenue, expense is ??? On last test Data tab to Data Analysis to Regression data anaylsis OR INSERT scatter Is such a thing as a negative relationship, like exercise vs. weight...
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