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sia91summary (1) - Science In Action 9 Unit 1 Section 1.0...

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Science In Action 9 Section 1.0 Biological Diversity reflects life on Earth Millions of species live on the Earth Biodiversity - three main components: ecosystem diversity , community and species diversity and genetic diversity Variation between and among species Species co-existing in a habitat are interdependent – predator-prey , commensalism , parasitism and mutualism Different species share resources by having different niches Natural Selection - selection of desirable traits by the environment Section 2.0 Reproduction: Traits are passed on Heritable Traits vary, as variations can be discrete or continuous The environment can also affect some heritable traits (height) Asexual Reproduction (only 1 parent) - the offspring identical to the parent – allowing a species to reproduce quickly Sexual reproduction (2 parents) - the offspring is different from the parents and results in variation among individuals within a species Sexual – a male gamete fuses with a female
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