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Unit 5 : Space Exploration End of Unit Project You must choose 1 of these You may do this project alone , with a partner , or in a group of 3 or 4 Description of Project Goal 1. To design and construct a model (prototype) of a robot arm that can successfully retrieve objects from a specified distance and place them in a specified location. ( optional : arm may be electrically powered) 2. To design a scale model of a Mars settlement in the year 2025 3. To design a miniature museum of Canadian Space Moments Background: Canadarm 3 Marsville Canada in Space eh! Canada’s most recent contribution to the International Space Station was the 2nd generation Canadarm 2 . This remote device, that ‘ rides the rails ’ on the Space Station, is used to launch and recover satellites, as well as repair and install equipment such as the Hubble Space Telescope. The Canadarm 2 has three primary systems: the remote manipulator system, the mobile base system and the special purpose dexterous manipulator. It is projected that manned
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