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Anterior to the Ventricular Space

Anterior to the Ventricular Space - Brain Stem Anterior to...

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Brain Stem Anterior to the Ventricular Space * This part is called the tegmentum (L. covering). * The tegmentum contains most of the structures: * the reticular formation, * cranial nerve nuclei and tracts , * ascending pathways from the spinal cord , and some descending pathways. * Structures Appended to the Anterior Surface * large fiber bundles of the cerebral peduncles, the basal pons, and the pyramids of the medulla. * These structures contain fiber descending from the cerebral cortex to: * the spinal cord; * certain cranial nerve nuclei * the pontine nuclei , which in turn project to the cerebellum . * Midbrain * Tectum - rooflike region dorsal to the aqueduct consisting of the Corpora Quadrigemina * Corpora quadrigemina (Superior and inferior colliculi) - visual reflexes & relay center for auditory information. * Two pairs of rounded knobs on the upper surface of the midbrain mark the location of four nuclei, which are called collectively the "corpora quadrigemina.“ * These masses contain the centers for certain visual reflexes
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