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Skeletal system Articulations (Joints) of Bone Diarthrosis Structure of diarthrosis has a synovial cavity or joint that separates the articulating bones. has articular cartilage that covers the surface of the articulating bones, where it reduces friction and helps absorb shock. A sleevelike articular capsule surrounds the joint, encloses the synovial cavity, and unites the articulating bones. Is composed of two layers outer layer is a fibrous capsule composed of dense, irregular connective tissue. It attaches to the periosteum of the articulating bones. The fibers of some capsules are arranged in parallel bundles called ligaments which hold the bones together. The inner layer is a synovial membrane composed of areolar connective tissue. It secretes synovial fluid that lubricates and reduces friction and supplies nutrients to and removes wastes from the cells of the articulating cartilage. Articulations (Joints) of Bone
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Unformatted text preview: Diarthrosis Structure of diarthrosis (cont.) Some joints have accessory ligaments which may lie in or outside of the capsule.Inside some joints are pads of fibrocartilage called articular discs (menisci) that lie between two bones that have different shapes. This allows stablization and a tighter fit. A tearing of the articular disc occur commonly among athletes. Bursae- fluid filled sac-like structures situated where bone and soft tissue meet to cushion the movement of one part of the body over another(between skin and bone, tendon and bone, muscle and bone, etc) . Bursitis- inflammation of the bursae. Articulations (Joints) of Bone Diarthrosis Types of Diarthrosis Gliding Joint- provides gliding movement in which surfaces move back and forth and from side to side without any angular or rotary motion.Ex: carpals, tarsals, sternum and clavicle, and scupula and clavicle...
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