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Skeletal system Articulations (Joints) of Bone Arthrology- the scientific study of joints Classification Structural- based on the absence or presence of a space between the articulating bones called a synovial cavity and the type of connective tissue that binds the bones together. Fibrous - if there is no synovial cavity and bones are held together by fibrous tissue. Cartilaginous - if there is no synovial cavity and the bones are held together by cartilage. Synovial - if there is a synovial cavity and the bones are united by a surrounding articular capsule and accessory ligaments. Articulations (Joints) of Bone Functional Classification- based on the degree of movement that the joint permits. Synarthrosis - immovable joint Amphiathrosi s- slightly movable joint Diarthrosis - freely movable joint Synarthrosis Suture - a fibrous joint found between bones of the skull
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Unformatted text preview: • Gomphosis- a fibrous joint in which a cone-shaped peg fits into a socket. Ex: roots of the teeth in the alveoli (socket) of the maxillae and mandible. • Synchondrosis- a cartilaginous joint in which the connecting material is hyaline cartilage. The joint is eventually replaced by bone. • Ex,: epiphyseal plate and joints between the rib and the sternum. Articulations (Joints) of Bone Amphiarthrosis • Syndesmosis- (band or ligament joint)-similar to a suture but there is much more fibrous tissue between the bones and the joint is not as tight, which permits some flexibility. • Ex: distal joint of the tibia and fibula • Symphysis- (growing together)-a cartilage joint in which the connecting material is a broad, flat disc of fibrocartilage. • Ex: intervertebral joints and the pubic symphysis...
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