Bone Formation - Skeletal System Bone Formation (cont.)...

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Skeletal System Bone Formation (cont.) Endochondral Ossification The replacement of cartilage by bone Most bones are formed by this process * Development of the cartilage model * cells in the mesenchyme come together in the shape of the future bone * the cells differentiate into cartilage producing cells that change the model into hyaline cartilage * a membrane called the perichondrium (dense regular connective tissue) develops around the cartilage Bone Formation (cont.) Endochondral Ossification (cont.) * Growth of the cartilage model * cartilage model grows in thickness and length. * cartilage cells in the midregion trigger calcification leading eventually to death of surrounding cartilage cells due to the inability of nutrients to diffuse though the calcified matrix. * the partitions between the lacunae containing the dead cells break down, forming small cavities that will eventually fill with marrow. * nutrient arteries penetrate the bone at the midregion through the nutrient foramen.
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Bone Formation - Skeletal System Bone Formation (cont.)...

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