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Skeletal System Bone Histology (cont.) * calcification - the deposition and the subsequent hardening of the mineral salts in bone * bones are composed of channels through which blood vessels supply the nutrients * these spaces make bone lighter * bones can be classified as compact or spongy, depending on size and location of spaces Bone Histology (cont.) Compact (dense) bone * contains few spaces * forms external layer of all bone and the bulk of the shaft of long bones * provides strength and protection * has a concentric structure * nutrient arteries and nerves from the periosteum penetrate compact bone through perforating (Volkmann’s) canals. * central (Haversian) canals - canals that run lengthwise through the bone and connect with the perforating canals. * Concentric lamellae - rings of hard, calcified matrix around the central canals. * Lacunae - small spaces between the lamellae * Canaliculi - minute canals that project outward in all directions from the lucunae.
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Unformatted text preview: * Contain slender processes of osteocytes * forms system of interconnected canals for nutrients and oxygen to reach osteocytes * Osteon- a central canal with its surrounding lamellae, lacuna, osteocytes.and canaliculi. Bone Histology (cont.) Spongy (Cancellous) Bone * consist of an irregular latticework of thin plates of bone called trabeculae * bone marrow located between trabeculae in some bones. * Lacunae lie within trabeculae where the osteocytes are nourished directly by the blood circulating in the bone marrow * spongy bone makes up most of the tissue of short, flat, and irregularly shaped bones and most of the epiphyses of long bones. * Hematopoiesis (blood production) occurs in the spongy bone of hip, ribs, sternum,vertebrae, skull, and ends of some long bones...
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