CONNECTIVE TISSUE PROPER DENSE - bone, skin, and blood...

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tissue CONNECTIVE TISSUE PROPER DENSE Elastic * The fibroblasts are embedded in the matrix: they do not lie in lacunae (chambers within the matrix). * The fibers are densely packed and thus the ground substance is barely visible. * The fibers are primary elastic fibers and they give the tissue a yellowish color. * Dense elastic connective tissue combines strength with elasticity : it can be stretched very easily and then recoils to its original length as soon as the tension is released. * It confers elastic properties which enable recovery of tissue shape following normal physiological deformation or stretching. * It is found in the * vocal cords, * in some ligaments (such as the ligamenta flava that connect adjacent vertebrae and the suspensory ligament of penis), * in the walls of elastic arteries, * in parts of the trachea and bronchi, and in the lung tissue. Cartilage Consist of a dense network of collagen and elastic fibers embedded in a firm matrix of chondroitin sulfate (a jellylike substance that provides support and adhesiveness in cartilage,
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Unformatted text preview: bone, skin, and blood vessels). * stronger than the other c.t. due to its collagen fibers. * high resilience (ability to assume its original shape after deformation) is due to chondroitin sulfate. * the inner substance of the cartilage has no blood supply or nerves . * the perichondrium (the dense irregulare c.t. membrane around the surface of the cartilage) has a blood supply and nerves. * cells of mature cartilage are called chondrocytes * occur singly or in groups within spaces called lacunae within the matrix Three Kinds of Cartilage * Hyaline * Fibrocartilage * Elastic Hyaline Cartilage (gristle) * appears as bluish-white and shiny * is the weakest of the three types * is the most abundant * it gives flexibility, support, reduces friction, and absorbs shock at joints Hyaline Cartilage Fibrocartilage tissue * is the strongest of the three types and provides strength and rigidity * chondrocytes are scattered among bundles of collagen fibers within the matrix....
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CONNECTIVE TISSUE PROPER DENSE - bone, skin, and blood...

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