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EXPERIMENT 3. FREE FALL ANALYSIS Analysis Look at your raw data; you will observe a track of spots on the paper tape. Since the separation between the points gets larger, you can see that the speed of the falling mass is increasing. To fit a quadratic curve to the data we will use the software “Logger Pro” that is available on the lab machines. 1. Data: Pick a spot near the start of your data track and label it “point 1”. Start where the separation between spots is about 1cm; if less, the distance increments cannot be measured accurately. Label the spots consecutively: 1, 2, 3 ... . Record the uncertainty in the spot positions. Also record the value of the falling mass. (You may use the table
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Unformatted text preview: at the end of this section) 2. In Logger Pro enter your data for time and position into the cells in columns x and y respectively. 3. Logger pro will automatically plot the data. If your plot does not look like figure 3.2 you may need to set the axes to “Autoscale from 0” by double clicking on the axis and adjusting the “scaling” settings in the “Axes Options” tab of the pop-up window. Figure 3.2: Logger Pro data and plot 4. Tell Logger Pro that you want to do a curve fit. From the “Analyze” menu select “Curve Fit ... ” 23...
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