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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 40

Physics I Lab Manual 2011 40 - EXPERIMENT 4 NEWTONS LAWS 6...

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EXPERIMENT 4. NEWTON’S LAWS 6. Place between 200g and 500g of mass onto the end of a string. Connect the other end of the string to the hook on the force sensor, and pass the string 90 o around the pulley so that the side connected to the force sensor is horizontal and the side connected to the mass is vertical. You may need to have your lab partner hold the base of the pulley stand to keep it from tipping over, particularly if you used a relatively large mass. 7. Click on the data logger device to start recording data and begin to move the force sensor in and out to raise and lower the mass for 10 seconds while the LabQuest data logger collects force and acceleration data. Do not let the mass touch the floor at any point during the data collection. 8. Transfer the collected data onto one of the lab computers for analysis by connecting it via a USB cable and opening “Data Logger Pro” on the computer. The device will be auto-detected and you will be prompted to import the data. If you are successful
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