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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 41

Physics I Lab Manual 2011 41 - EXPERIMENT 4 NEWTONS LAWS...

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EXPERIMENT 4. NEWTON’S LAWS Analysis Import your data from the experiment on newton’s second law, or open the file containing this data. The data table in Logger Pro will have columns for (among other things) total Force and angular acceleration. We will need to create a “calculated column” for the linear acceleration. We will then plot force versus acceleration and perform a linear curve fit to determine the weight and the inertial mass of our object 1. Create a column for the linear acceleration by clicking “New calculated column ... ” from the “Data” menu. Give the new column an appropriate name (in both the “Name:” field and the “Short Name:” field). In the equation panel create an expression for this column of the form r * α where r is the measured radius of the pulley that the string passed over, and α is the column for angular acceleration (which by default is incorrectly called “Acceleration”) 2. When Logger Pro imported your data it created some graphs of the measured functions
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