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EXPERIMENT 4. NEWTON’S LAWS 6. Find the uncertainty in the gravitational mass of the object. From your uncertainty in weight, δW and the relationship m g = W/g use the product/quotient rule to get the uncertainty in the gravitational mass δm g assuming the uncertainty in g is zero. 7. Did your inertial mass and gravitational mass agree within their uncertainty? You will now analyze the data from the experiment on Newton’s third law. Open the file containing the data for this experiment in Logger Pro, or import the data from the LabQuest data logger if you haven’t already done so. 8. Because the force sensors were oriented anti-parallel to each other, they each have a different direction for what was recorded as a positive force. To fix this we will invert the sign of the data from force sensor 2 and call that value F 0 2 . Create a new calculated column with an appropriate name and enter an expression of the form - F 2 9. Create a column for the force difference by choosing “New calculated column
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Unformatted text preview: ... from the Data menu. Give the new column an appropriate name (in both the Name: eld and the Short Name: eld) and enter an equation of the form F = F 1-F 2 to get the dierence in forces measured by each force sensor. 10. Create a graph of force versus time showing the force from each sensor F 1 , F 2 and the dierence F . 11. Find the mean and standard deviation of the force dierence by selecting Statistics from the Analyze menu. 12. Is the force dierence F equal to zero within the uncertainty? Report In addition to the standard elements of a well written lab report described in the introduction to this manual, your report must include: 1. Your plot of Applied force versus acceleration, showing the best t line. 2. For Newtons third law experiment, your plot of the two forces from and their dierence versus time 32...
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