Functions of Blood

Functions of Blood - plasma proteins proteins found and...

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blood Functions of Blood * Transportation- * oxygen * carbon dioxide * waste * nutrients * hormones * Regulation- * pH * temperature * influences water content of cells * Protection- * blood loss via clotting mechanisms * foreign microbes via white cells Physical Properties of Blood * viscous fluid * viscosity is the resistance of a fluid to flow due to cohesion between its particles * temperature is 38 o C (100.4 o F) * pH range 7.35-7.45 (slightly alkaline) * NaCl concentration of 0.9% * volume in male, 5-6L, Female 4-5L * 8% of the total body weight Components of Blood Formed Elements * Erythrocytes (red blood cells) * Leukocytes (white blood cells) * Granular leukocytes * neutrophils * eosinophils * basophils * Agranular leukocytes * lymphocytes * monocytes * Platelets (thrombocytes) Components of Blood Plasma * consist of 91.5% water and 8.5% solutes (proteins, nutrients, gases, electrolytes, waste products,enzymes, and hormones)
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Unformatted text preview: * plasma proteins- proteins found and confined only in the blood * Albumins- manufacture in the liver and is responsible for maintaining water balance in the blood. * Consist of 55% of the total plasma proteins * Globulins * proteins divided into 3 classes according to electrophoretic separation *- antibodies produced by certain white cells that functions in immunity. blood * 35% of total plasma proteins * Fibrinogen- soluble precursor of fibrin that functions in the blood clotting mechanisms along with platelets. Serum Globulins Alpha-Globulins * alpha 1-Antichymotrypsin * alpha 1-Antitrypsin * alpha-Macroglobulins * Antiplasmin * Antithrombin III * Ceruloplasmin * Haptoglobins * Heparin Cofactor II * Orosomucoid * Progesterone-Binding Globulin * Retinol Binding Proteins * Transcortin...
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Functions of Blood - plasma proteins proteins found and...

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