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EXPERIMENT 5. VECTOR ADDITION Figure 5.1: (left) Vector components and (right) graphical addition of vectors Adding vector components requires that you know the magnitude of the vectors’ components. In the preceding example the first vectors being added has components of 2.8 km in both the north and east direction (corresponding to A x and A y in the left hand figure), while the second had components of 2.1 km north and -2.1 km east. Thus the sum of these
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Unformatted text preview: displacements has components of 2.8 km+2.1 km=4.9 km north and 2.8 km-2.1 km=0.7 km east. To find the sum of two (or more) vectors graphically the vectors being added should be lined up tip-to-tail. The sum is then the vector from the tail of the first to the tip of the last (the dashed vector in the right hand figure). 34...
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