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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 45 - using masses between 0.20 kg...

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EXPERIMENT 5. VECTOR ADDITION Practice Consider two vectors, vector A has a magnitude of 3 cm and at an angle of 35 0 , while vector B has a magnitude of 2 cm and points at 150 0 . 1. Use a protractor and ruler to draw each vector, first separately, then tip-to-tail. 2. From your scale drawings, estimate the following values: A x = A y = B x = B y = For ~ A + ~ B , Magnitude= Angle= Procedure The force table will be demonstrated by your instructor. Set up 2 forces of unequal magnitude
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Unformatted text preview: using masses between 0.20 kg and 0.50 kg separated by an angle between 40 o and 70 o . Find the balancing force, ~ F b , on the force table and the amount you can deviate the angle δθ and the weight δF b of the balancing force and maintain equilibrium. Record your values in a data table 35...
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