Functions of the Liver

Functions of the Liver - vitamin D. Gallbladder * A pear...

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Digestive System Functions of the Liver * Removal of drugs and hormones- * can detoxify drugs (alcohol) * excrete drugs into the bile, such as penicillin,erythromycin, etc. * can alter and excrete hormones, such as thyroid hormone, steroids (estrogen and aldosterone) * Excrete bile- most of which is bilirubin (red cell breakdown product) * Synthesis of bile salts- used in the small intestine for fat emulsification. functions of the Liver * Storage- * stores vitamins * A, B 12 , D, E, and K * minerals- iron and copper * Phagocytosis- the Kupffer’s cells (stellate reticuloendothelial cells) phagocytize worn-out red and white cells and some bacteria. * Activation of vitamen D- the skin, kidney, and liver participate in the activation of
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Unformatted text preview: vitamin D. Gallbladder * A pear shaped sac located in a depression under the liver. * Smooth muscle contraction in the walls, following hormonal stimulation, cause the ejection of bile into the cystic duct. Functions * Concentrates and stores bile * Storage is facilitated by the closure of the common bile duct resulting in bile back up to the cystic duct to the gallbladder for storage. Gallbladder Emptying of the Gallbladder * When triglycerides enter the small intestine, cholecystokinin is released to stimulate contractions of the gallbladder, which releases bile into the common bile duct and on into the small intestine. Acute cholecystitis Acute cholecystitis and cholelithiasis...
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