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Physics I Lab - angular velocity ω of the object rather than its linear velocity From the definition of an angle θ measured in radians θ = s r

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Experiment 6 Centripetal Force Objective To verify that centripetal force is equal to m v 2 r while using curve fitting to determine the value of a free parameter that affects our measurement in a systematic way. Theory The magnitude of centripetal force on an object moving with speed v in circular motion with radius r is given by F c = m v 2 r This is frequently written in terms of the
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Unformatted text preview: angular velocity , ω of the object, rather than its linear velocity. From the definition of an angle θ measured in radians, θ = s r in terms of the arc length s that it traces out at a distance of r we can take the time derivative of both sides to get the magnitude of the angular velocity ω ≡ dθ/dt so that ω = dθ dt = ds/dt r 39...
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