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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 50

Physics I Lab Manual 2011 50 - δr cm 3 With the apparatus...

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EXPERIMENT 6. CENTRIPETAL FORCE recognizing ds/dt as the magnitude of linear velocity, we get the relation ω = v/r which we can use to express the centripetal force as F c = 2 r The validity of this relationship will be tested by simultaneously measuring the angular velocity ω and centripetal force F c on a mass rotating in a circular trajectory with a radius of r . Procedure A force sensor is set up to measure the force pulling on a mass that is moving in circular motion. The force sensor is mounted on a rotation sensor so that the force and angular velocity can be simultaneously recorded by the LabQuest Data Logger as the whole system is rotated around the axis of the rotation sensor. 1. Unscrew the mass from the force sensor and measure its mass m using a scale. 2. Determine the radial position r cm of the center of mass of the attached mass measured from the axis of rotation. Make sure to also record your uncertainty in this quantity
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Unformatted text preview: δr cm 3. With the apparatus completely at rest and with the LabQuest Data Logger in the tab, tap the Sensors menu, select Zero and then select Dual Range Force Sensor to calibrate the force sensor. 4. Press the button on the LabQuest data logger to begin recording data, then spin the apparatus back and forth several times while the the data logger collects data. 5. Rotate the apparatus so that the mass hangs vertically and is stationery. Record the weight of the mass from the force readout on the data logger W and the uncertainty δW . Analysis We will plot the measured centripetal force F c versus the measured values of mω 2 r , while keeping in mind that there may be two types of errors present in the data: Systematic error 40...
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