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GENERAL BOTANY Lecture 2 - What is a plant? I. Why are plants important? A. Plants are living B. Plants provide oxygen C. Plants feed the world D. Plants provide clothing and shelter E. Plants can be used for medicine F. Plants are beautiful II. What makes a plant different from other kingdoms? A. Kingdom PLANTAE (plants) 1. Multicellular 2. Autotrophs (chloroplasts) 3. Cellulose in cell walls 4 Eucaryotic (true nucleus; DNA separated by a membrane) B. The other kingdoms 1. ANIMALIA: i.e., man a) Motile b) Heterotrophs c) No cell walls 2. MYCOTA: i.e., mushrooms, bread molds a) Heterotrophs b) Chitin in cell walls 3. PROTISTA (PROTOCTISTA): i.e., algae, slime molds a) Unicellular 4. MONERA (ARCHAEA and BACTERIA) a) Prokaryotic (no true nucleus; DNA floats freely in cell) III. What are some structural features of plants? A. Cellulosic cell walls B. Chloroplasts C. Appearance 1. Can include stems, leaves, and roots 2. Some lack true stems, leaves, and roots IV. How does a plant function? A. Metabolism 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Photosynthesis 2. Respiration B. Water and nutrients 1. Xylem and phloem (important in distinguishing plants from other organisms) C. Growth and development 1. Hormones 2. Photoperiodism / temperature 3. Circadian rhythm D. Environment E. Reproduction 1. Sexual reproduction a) Monoecious - male & female parts on same plant b) Dioecious - male & female parts on different plants 2. Asexual reproduction a) Vegetative b) Sporophytic V. How are REAL plants distinguished from other organisms studied in botany? A. In addition to being eucaryotic, multicellular, autotrophic, and cellulosic, REAL plants have VASCULAR TISSUE (xylem and phloem) B. See flow chart SUMMARY STATEMENTS 1. Plants are essential to life on earth 2. Plants are eucaryotic and multicellular with cellulosic cell walls 3. Plants photosynthesize, respire, develop, and reproduce 4. Plants have vascular tissue...
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