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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 51 - EXPERIMENT 6 CENTRIPETAL...

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Unformatted text preview: EXPERIMENT 6. CENTRIPETAL FORCE which affects all of our calculated values the same (for example due to an error in measuring m ) and random error due to the intrinsic noise of the sensors we are using. Using curve fitting we can seek to identify possible systematic errors. 1. Transfer the collected data onto one of the lab computers for analysis by connecting it via a USB cable and opening “Data Logger Pro” on the computer. The device will be auto-detected and you will be prompted to import the most recent data set. Delete all of the graphs that were automatically generated when importing your data - we won’t need them. 2. Create parameters for the measured quantities r cm and m , as well as ones for the weight W and for the acceleration due to gravity g = 9 . 80 m / s 2 that we will use later. Select “User parameters ... ” from the “Data” menu, and add a parameter for each quantity giving each an appropriate name and recording the numerical value (in SI units)....
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