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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 52 - EXPERIMENT 6 CENTRIPETAL...

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EXPERIMENT 6. CENTRIPETAL FORCE (a) Click on the heading of the column for the measured centripetal force. In the “Options” tab, check the “error bar calculations” box and enter a fixed value error or ± 0 . 1 N which represents the sensitivity limit of the force sensor (b) Repeat the previous step for the column for the calculated centripetal force, but this time instead of entering a fixed value for the uncertainty, tell it to use the column created in step 6 (c) Double click on the graph to bring up the graph options window and turn on the option to show the x and y error bars and turn off the option to connect the data points with lines. 9. Fit a curve to your data by selecting “Curve Fit . . . ” from the “Analyze” menu. Choose “Linear” as the general equation, enter “1” as the value for the parameter A , the slope of the curve, and click OK. This line represents the expression F c = 2 r 10. What percentage of your data points agree with the line (i.e. what percentage of the error bars does the line pass through? If all of the uncertainties were estimated
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