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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 56

Physics I Lab Manual 2011 56 - block will sit on three of...

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EXPERIMENT 7. FRICTION Practice Figure 7.1: Magnitude of friction force as a function of time as a force is applied Identify and label on the above plot the maximum value of static friction ( f s,max ) and the force of kinetic friction ( f k ). Procedure A block, loaded with various masses will be set on a piece of paper which is pulled out from under it, while the block is restrained by a “force sensor” with the data logged for later analysis to determine μ s and μ k between the block and the paper. In these experiments the
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Unformatted text preview: block will sit on three of its four surface, a large wooden surface, a small wooden surface, and a large felt surface. 1. Place a long piece of paper on the lab table with the wood block on top near one end. 2. With the force sensor range set to ± 10 N, connect it to the wooden block by a string tied to the force sensor on one end and the wooden block on the other. Plug it into the data logger unit. The sensor should be immediately recognized and the LabQuest 46...
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